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Financial Modeling

We offer services related to building out your corporate financial model for company budgeting, cash management, and fundraising needs.

What is a Financial Model?

A financial model is a mathematical model designed to represent the financial performance of a business, project or any other investment.

Why choose GFT?

GFT professionals are master excel users that have years of experience working in financial planning and analysis of large multinational companies along with M&A, restructuring and bankruptcy. 

For strategic CFOs

You are the CFO or business leader of a middle-sized company without an FP&A team to help you out but in need of an annual budget to drive the business and financing decisions.

Benefit from GFT

Utilize a financial model to create budgets and forecasts to measure operational results of the business; or utilize it to obtain loan or equity financing; or manage cash flows.

Starts at
$80 / hour

Expert advice and data-driven strategy, drives fact-based decision making for your business growth!

Let's get it on the books.

Our team will be happy to speak with you for a 30-minute conversation about your financial modeling needs, and how GFT can help.


Financial Projections and Budgets

We help companies build financial reports, forecasts, and budgets. We'll assess your business and identify the drivers of your operational performance to help you improve the visibility of your financial strategies.

What we offer with our financial models

Revenue forecasting

Employee expense and headcount planning

Cash flow projections

3-statement forecasting

Debt Schedules

Sources and Uses of funds

Gain Valuable Insights

You're a fast-growing business and need visibility into your future. We help CFOs and business leaders navigate the complexities of their business and model out the future.

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