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White-Label Accounting Solutions

Outsource your accounting services to give your clients the quality they need. Global Finance Teams provides a high-performing team to help you maintain customer satisfaction.

At Global Finance Teams, our goal is to take care of your accounting needs, so you can focus on other business-critical tasks. Our financial planning and bookkeeping solutions are scalable, growing alongside your company and responding to your changing business needs.

Aligned with our mission to provide accurate, scalable financial planning solutions, GFT offers low-cost white label accounting services. We help firms, CPAs, tax practitioners, and business consultants in California with our accounting support. GFT provide a range of solutions, from simple bookkeeping tasks to CFO-level services.


What is White Label Accounting?

White label services are produced by one company and then rebranded and sold by another. What does this mean for your company? This means that when you outsource your accounting needs to a white label solutions provider, you can concentrate on increasing your productivity and revenue. 

Some bookkeepers and businesses also struggle with keeping up with the technology integration initiatives in the industry. White label services will have blueprints for technology-driven accounting processes, helping CPAs and firms embrace and use these changes to grow their practice.

Why Choose GFT?

When you outsource your accounting services to GFT, you get to expand your business capacity without the overhead costs. You don’t have to invest in training internal staff and paying for their compensation. With GFT, you gain access to a highly skilled team of specialists and technology that makes bookkeeping work easier. You get to provide your clients the level of service your promised without incurring high operating costs, increasing your bottom line.


We integrate advanced technology into our processes to increase the quality of our output. Our team uses cloud-based financial apps to communicate with one another, making collaboration easier and minimizing errors and discrepancies in the books. We use customized dashboards and reports to aid clientsin their business and financial planning decisions.

Financial Consultation

Grow Your Accounting Practice with GFT

GFT helps firms, CPAs, and business consultants maintain high customer satisfaction through accurate, audit-ready, and on-time financial statements. With us, you get to provide your clients the quality service they deserve.

You are your client's most trusted financial adviser. At Global Finance Teams, we provide you with the talent and technology that will help you succeed.

Let’s talk about how you can use our white label accounting services to grow your practice or business. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. 

My practice needs knowledgeable accounting staff,  but I can't afford to hire full time.

Is non-value added work consuming most of your time?


We provide low-cost bookkeeping services that can help reduce your time on an engagement. We let CPAs, tax practitioners, business consultants, controllers, and CFOs take the lead and we'll help your firm so that you can provide the service your clients deserve.


You are your client's most trusted financial adviser. At Global Finance Teams, we provide you with a high-quality team that will help you succeed.


Contact us to find out how. 

Experience By Your Side

GFT takes the mindset that the financial statements should present actionable information, therefore we strive to provide to our clients on best practices to maximize the capability of its team and systems.

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