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Corporate Finance Services

We offer services in financial planning and analysis, financial modeling, cash flow management and loan applications.

Execution without a good financial plan is risky.

Our team is experienced in Corporate FP&A, Corporate Restructuring, Debt Financing, M&A Financial Modeling and Valuation and masters of Excel.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Planning and Analysis teams are responsible for supporting their business partners by providing analytical decision support. They are responsible for reporting to appropriate levels of management metrics such as, profitability, cash flows and other key performance indicators that measure the efficiency of the operations. 

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Cash Flow Forecasting

There's a timing difference from the time you make a sale and receive the cash. In the meantime, you have bills to pay and need to manage your burn rate. We can help you strategize your cash flow and optimize your cash conversion cycle.

Debt Financing

Planning on taking out a loan for your business? We can help you prepare everything you need to present. Let us help you connect with a loan officer.

SBA Loan Checklist:

  1. Business Plan

  2. Last Three Year Income Tax Returns

  3. Last Three Year Financial Statements

  4. Current Year Financial Statements

  5. Three Year Future Financial Projections

  6. Business Accounts Receivable Schedule

  7. Business Accounts Payable Schedule

  8. Business Asset Schedule

  9. Business Debt Schedule

  10. Presentation Deck

Payment Method