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Knowledge Center

Learn more about GFT through FAQs and blog posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • GFT is an outsourced accounting and finance support services for companies all over the world. We are headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with the main operations in the Philippines.

  • So far our clients have mostly been medium sized related to construction: General Contractors, Solar Installers and Real Estate investments. But we have the technical proficiencies to perform services to other industries.

  • Currently, we have 10 professionals with experience ranging from Big 4, Fortune 1000, Tech Startups and Consulting.

  • GFT offers managed accounting services, and the solution is turnkey. We act as full back-office support. Our services are scalable where a startup can start with one person and grow to an entire accounting department.

  • The cost of our services varies, with each client's needs. We work closely with each client to determine not only the capacity, but the technical expertise needed. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover the cost effectiveness of GFT services as compared to hiring a full-time in-house employee.

  • GFT uses enterprise-grade protection across our devices, antivirus, and end-point security. Since assignments are similar to full-time remote employee's GFT's services can integrate with your company's IT infrastructure seamlessly to be as secure as you want it to

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