About Us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping the organizations and businesses push forward, by delivering exceptional, professional service.

Our Story

Distraught at the inefficiencies of corporate accounting and finance departments. We created this firm asking ourselves "How can we make things more efficient?".


As internal accounting and finance departments lag behind on investments in technology and process improvements, we chose to create a firm away from the corporate bureaucracy and focused on delivering people, and technology-driven, business services. 

Technology Driven

  • We Seek the best software as a solution

  • We aim to maximize automation and workflow efficiency

  • We use data to drive decisions

  • We must always be prepared for changes in Fintech

People Driven

  • We welcome fresh ideas

  • We invest heavily in the training and education for all of our staff

  • We foster a culture of teamwork and comradery

Meet The Team


Russel Dulay


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Mark Aglugub


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Neil Grospe, CPA


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Javilyn Lundang, CPA

Senior Associate

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Reya Mae Oller, CPA

Senior Associate

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